Roll Call

Class of 2019

X Becky Bros
X Tom Ledoux
X Dottie Wise
X Jim Crutchfield, Clerk
X Elder-elect Ken Knipe

Class of 2020

EX Bill Johnston
X Dick Young
X Rose Gorman

Class of 2021

X Richard Vehling
X Judy Wardle
X Wayne Butler


X Dr. Jeff Hosmer
X Mike Smith
EX Dennis Heasty
X Lynn Miller
X Mike Snow
EX Deacon-elect Pat Harrell

Meeting @ 2:00 p.m. – Peace Room – February 19, 2019


The Stated Meeting of the Session for the month of February 2019 was called to order by Moderator, Dr. Jeff Hosmer, at 2:00 p.m. on the 19th day of February 2019 in the Peace Room of the North Lake Presbyterian Church. A quorum was declared present.

Those excused included: Elder-elect Ken Knipe who is returning from a trip, Deacon-elect Pat Harrell who is currently in the hospital, Elder Bill Johnston who is recuperating following surgery, and Church Administrator, Dennis Heasty who is attending a workshop on church security and assessments to be made of all churches within Lake County.


Dr. Jeff Hosmer led a devotional about Paul’s interactions with the Colossians, some of whom were moving away from Christ by placing Him on the same level as Buddha, Moses, Socrates, Muhammad and others. Rather than be arrogant in his effort to correct the Colossians, Paul, confident in the knowledge that Christ is the center of creation and salvation, and without peers, responds with humility. He writes with considerate love to bring the lost back to a full faith in Jesus.

Dr. Jeff Hosmer then led the Session in prayer.


Request for a discussion on a change in the job description, originally advertised as a need for a Director of Children’s Ministry and now seeking a Christian Educator.

  • Request to address the need for an additional open house to show our winter visitors the Teague Trail Property.

  • Request to discuss who can serve communion.

  • Request to discuss whether we need and can find someone trained to sign during

    services for the hearing impaired.



  1. important for church staff members to go on such missions and the likelihood that they, without the benefit of scholarship assistance, would be unable to afford such a mission trip. Dr. Hosmer

The Agenda was presented and approved.

and his wife Bobbi will be two of the eight going on this mission – she using personal finances, and he using a combination of church funds, including a portion of his continuing education allowance. There was also a discussion of the downside of requesting the grant, as NLPC is considered the largest and most financially sound of the churches in the Presbytery. But it was decided that it couldn’t hurt to ask for the grant.

8. A motion was made, seconded and approved to permit changing the job description being advertised from Director of Children’s Ministries to Director of Christian Education. The rationale for the change is two-fold:

  • The salary would attract a certified vs. uncertified Christian Educator

  • Would allow the selectee’s portfolio to include both children and adults
    Discussions revealed a sensitivity to Director of Youth, Brad Harter becoming subordinate to the new hire, but it was determined Brad would simply team with, but not be subordinate to, the Director of Christian Education; and, Brad would continue to report to Pastor Smith.


    Members who joined the Church Triumphant:

  • George Cope (1/5/19)

  • Calvin Mook (1/21/19)

  • Elaine VanDuzer (1/25/19)

  • Joe Gates (1/31/19)

  •  Hollis Embree (specific date unknown)

  • Fran Angell (8/22/18 - late notification)

  • Thomas Roggensack (1/19/18 – late notification)

    These members are no longer attending the church and should be placed on the Inactive Roll and removed from the Active Membership Roll:

Angelene, Joshua and Daniel Fitzgerald
These members have requested to be transferred to another church and have been removed

from the Active Membership Roll:
*Jeff and Nancy Dixon (First Presbyterian Church, Inverness, FL)

These members have been reinstated:  *Jeff and Nancy Dixon

These members have been added as a new member by the Session:  Gary and Jane Dotson – by reaffirmation of faith

  • Janie Foley – by reaffirmation of faith

  • Bill and Alex Gage – by reaffirmation of faith

  • Blair, Mary Jane and Winter Hursh – by letter of transfer

  • Adam and Shirley Leonard – by letter of transfer

  • Walter and Betsy White – by letter of transfer

  • Terri Edwards – by reaffirmation of faith

  • Katie Guyette – by reaffirmation of faith

  • Jeffrey and Karen Petersen – by reaffirmation of faith

  • David and Dolores Morey – by reaffirmation of faith

  • Jon Anderson – by reaffirmation of faith

  • Willian Holm – by reaffirmation of faith

  • John and Becky Knapek – by reaffirmation of faith

  • Irene Leonhard – by reaffirmation of faith

  • David Robinson – by reaffirmation of faith

  • Barbara Ruckdaschel – by letter of transfer

    *These members had been recently dropped from the Active Membership Roll and requested reinstatement so they could be officially transferred to the church in their community.


  • Central Florida Presbytery will hold its February meeting at St. Cloud Presbyterian Church on Tuesday, March 9th at 9:30 a.m.

  • The next meeting of the NLPC Session will occur on Tuesday, March 19th, at 2:00 p.m. in the Peace Room of NLPC.


    Administrator’s Report: Nothing to report

    Treasurer’s Report: Administrative Elder, Tom Ledoux, stood in for Dennis Heasty who was attending a special briefing on church security. Tom reported that we ended January below budget, with donations slightly ahead of last January. Also, some entries regarding the Teague Trail property will be amended in February’s financials.

    Asked whether we have yet received a final consultant’s report on Little Blessings Pre-School, Tom and Pastor Mike believe the consultant’s poor health will prevent the report ever being finished.

    Elder Dottie Wise reported on the Capital Campaign:

Count Me In Campaign will kick-off this coming Sunday, February 24th.

  • The second letter to members will go out on Monday, February 25th, and include a tri- fold brochure and pledge card.

  • Note cards are available for anyone to send to another member to encourage their donations.

  • Elder Wise will host one of the five dinners to discuss the campaign with historically major contributors (the other dinner hosts were not identified).

  • Those who pledge will receive a refrigerator magnet.

  • Everyone will be able to get a campaign pen.

  • A banner will appear in the narthex, showing a thermometer whose temperature will

    rise according to the level of contributions (pledges).

  • Bob Collins and Dottie Wise have produced a fun Big Piggy Bank video.

  • The 2019 portion of the campaign will run through April 30th.

  • John Bros has produced a schematic of the church floor plan with the addition of the

    chapel, new office space, and choir room expansion, that will give the congregation a visual to aid their comprehension of what the Capital Campaign is designed to accomplish (in addition to reducing our overall debt).

    Elder for Missions, Becky Bros reported that a full report on the last trip to the church we support in Cuba will be presented at the October FAB dinner:

  • The last trip was the best, because we and they had agendas to be accomplished, including a mutual mission objective that required representatives of both their church and ours to work together on sprucing up their sanctuary – working side by side.

  • NLPC will enter into one-year vs. three year commitments to the church.

  • Elder Becky, whose term expires this month, remarked on the privilege of serving the

    church as Elder of Missions. We all look forward, as does she, to her next endeavors to serve God’s Kingdom.

    Elder Rose Gorman, who also serves as Co-Moderator of NLPC’s Presbyterian Women (PW), said this year’s PW Retreat hosted 200 men and women, and was helped by our Youth Refuge 511 teens that served the meal and helped to clean up after the retreat. She has written and distributed a report on the event. PW contributed $8,000.00 to various missions in 2018.

    Elder Rose Gorman also reported that her search for a Head of Ushers for the 8:15 service has been filled by a new member, Linda Mancinelli.

    Elder Dick Young requested Pastors or Elders to open:

  • PW Tea and Fashion Show – Pastor Lynn Miller accepted

  •  Village Voices Concert – Elder Wayne Butler accepted

    Director of Music Mike Snow requested Elders to serve communion at both traditional services the first Sunday in March.

Pastor Lynn West provided notes on the Deacon’s Meeting February 12th to the Clerk of Session. Those notes included:

  • Pastor Lynn distributed copies of the book “Redemptive Compassion” to each Deacon and they all plan to read and discuss its content.

  • More people are now receiving communion through the Extended Table

  • Deacon Paul Greene reported his work with grieving men and the widespread need to

    be filled throughout the community.

  • The Deacons expressed the need to expand the number of Deacons to 12, due to the

    increased load on each, and asked that the Session consider their request.


  • Comments regarding impressions of the Future Forums and the Annual Meeting were discussed:

o Lower than anticipated turnout for forums
o No questions about the Teague Trail property at the 2nd forum
o Both forums seemed to center on Little Blessings and church finances
o Comments at the Annual Congregational Meeting suggested people did not want Little Blessings to be closed. Some wanted to know what was happening with Little Blessings and when.
o On the other hand, Elder Becky Bros was surprised that not more was asked about what was in the works for Little Blessings.
o Overall, the tone of the forums was much less confrontational, and more civil, than expected.
o Elder Tom Ledoux said Dr. Hosmer did a good job of handling a challenging topic and making his positions clear.
o Some questions about the Annual Report suggested NLPC might want to consider semi-annual or quarterly reports.
o Someone asked why our attendance is declining

  • Elder Dottie Wise asked what happened to the idea of hiring a Director of Communications. Dr. Hosmer replied he was waiting on funding.

  • A suggestion was made that we might consider posting a column in The Village Sun, similar to Billy Graham’s, offering to answer questions on faith.

  • Elder Wayne Butler said he was asked how designated funds were dispersed, especially in light of the fact that some designated funds were borrowed to pay down the mortgage on the Teague Trail property. The answer from several of those attending Session agreed that all designated funds were used for their intended purposes and that some funds are reserves, held until needed (sometimes for long periods). It was a percentage of each of these funds that were borrowed. For example: The Christian Food Pantry has a reserve of $120k, Little Blessings Pre-School Scholarship reserve has $23k, Operation Homebound reserve has $259k, and the church contingency fund has a balance of $106k.

  • A suggestion was made that we try to simplify how we present our finances to the congregation.

  • Elder Dottie Wise suggested we hold another open house to allow our winter visitors an opportunity to visit the Teague Trail property. The Session agreed to hold the open house on Sunday March 24th from 9:15 a.m. through 1:00 p.m.

  • It was suggested we might place a sign on the property containing a Bible verse.

  • It was reported that Director of Youth, Brad Harter had asked if his teens could serve

    communion to the Praise Band and Technical Support Staff at the 9:30 service. The Book of Order specifies that only Ordained Clergy, Elders, and Deacons can serve communion, unless others are deliberately permitted by the Session. Dr. Hosmer will explain to Brad that such exceptions are reserved for those mature in their faith, but that we are very open to the youth assisting in other ways, such as ushering and collecting the offering. At the same time, an effort will be launched to provide training to adult ushers who currently serve communion, to ensure they understand the gravity of this responsibility. Tom Ledoux stated we need:

o A Pastors guidance on what should be acceptable

o A NLPC policy that spells out who can serve communion
Dr. Hosmer said he will provide a ruling, but doesn’t want to “fire” the volunteers currently helping with the distribution of communion.

Dr. Hosmer closed the Session with prayer.

Respectfully Submitted,
Elder Jim Crutchfield, Clerk of NLPC Session