MARCH 2019

Meeting @ 2:00 pm – Peace Room – March 19, 2019


Class of 2019

X Ken Knipe
X Tom Ledoux
X Dottie Wise
Ex Clerk-Jim Crutchfield

Guest – Becky Bros

Class of 2020

X Bill Johnston
X Dick Young
X Rose Gorman

Class of 2021

X Richard Vehling
X Judy Wardle
X Wayne Butler

X Jeff Hosmer
X Mike Smith
Ex Dennis Heasty
X Lynn Miller
Ex Mike Snow


The Stated Meeting of the Session for the month of March 2019 was called to order by Moderator, Dr. Jeffery Hosmer, at 2:00 pm on the 19th day of March 2019 in the Peace Room of the North Lake Presbyterian Church. A quorum was declared present.

Those excused included: Clerk of Session, Jim Crutchfield, who was in the hospital; Church Administrator, Dennis Heasty, who was on vacation; and Director of Music and Worship, Mike Snow who was also on vacation. Past Elder Becky Bros was in attendance.


Pastor Mike Smith led a devotion based on Psalm 66:20, “Praise Be to God Who Answers Our Prayers.” Pastor Mike then led the Session in Prayer.


Elder Dottie Wise would like a sign on Teague Trail and Griffin Road with an arrow pointing to North Lake and a scripture verse.

Pastor Hosmer would like to change the order on the docket to move the presentation from Sam Townsend to the top of the agenda regarding Teague Trail and NLPC future.


The agenda was approved with the changes.

NLPC Session Meeting, March 19, 2019 Page 1


Dr. Hosmer introduced Sam and Kendra Townsend who are members of NLPC. On February 4, 2019, Sam sent Dr. Hosmer a document which describes some of Sam’s thoughts on the developing and managing our properties, and our ministries. This document was then sent to Session for review. Sam and Kendra gave some of their background before coming to North Lake and then proceeded to review the document (attached at the end of the minutes). He informed Session of his big picture for North Lake and Teague Trail property and stated some concerns and issues they have and should be addressed. There were some questions from Session and discussion. Dr. Hosmer thanked Sam and Kendra for coming to Session and presenting some of their ideas.


  1. Minutes from the February 19, 2019, meeting were approved with one change. One page one under “Devotion” third line down change “be” to “being”.

  2. Minutes from the February 6, 2019, Annual Congregational meeting were reviewed by Session and will be presented at the next Congregational meeting for approval.

  3. Membership roll changes were approved as presented.

  4. A motion was made to approve spending up to $5,000 for design and construction

    drawings to enlarge the choir space and make improvements for the conference room. This motion was recommended by the Financial Committee to assist in defining the improvements and approximate costs. This motion does not include drawings for the chapel and office wing. This information will be presented to Session for approval before construction and the expenditure will come from the funds raised through the “Count Me In” capital campaign. The motion was seconded and approved.

  5. The suggestion for signs on Teague Trail and Griffin Road with arrows pointing to North Lake and a scripture verse was discussed. It was also pointed out that the property should be graded. After discussion, it was determined that the Finance Committee should get estimates on grading and the signs along with approvals.


Members who joined the Church Triumphant:

  • -  Ruth Wengenroth

  • -  Joe Iannone

  • -  Pat Harrell

    Members that are no longer attending our church and should be placed on the Inactive Roll and removed from the Active Membership Roll:

  • -  Patricia Bays

  • -  Dave Bening

  • - Nora Mosher

  • - Grace Newsum

  • -  Cheri Burke

  • -  Frank and Bettie (Sunnie) Campbell

  • -  Jean Connell

  • -  Dick Dearmond

  • -  Edna Embree

  • -  Margaret Harcar

  • -  Nancy Hartshorn

  • -  James Jolly

  • -  Phil and Betty Jones

  • -  Elaine Jones

  • -  James Klomp

  • -  Larry and Sally McMullen

  • -  David and Barby Mains

  • -  Kathryn Mascatelli

  • -  Helen Moerland

- Caryl Peterson
- Nancy Reynolds
- Jeremy Roberson
- Marcie Roggensack
- Ricky and Molly Rowe
- Earl and Bonnie Ruff
- Richard and Connie Runyeon - PJ Scott
- Margaret Seago
- Mike and Judy Shannon
- Carol Wesley
- Bobbie Jean Whitaker
- Laurie Whitaker
- Elizabeth Williams
- Bill and Ginny Wolff

Members who have requested to be transferred to another church and have been removed from the Active Membership Roll:

  • -  Donna Barrow (New Covenant Methodist Church)

  • -  Jerry and Betty Byers (Westtown Church, Tampa)

    Members that have permanently moved out of our area and should be removed from Active Membership Roll:

- Mabel Ennis (moved to Texas)

Member who were on our Affiliate Member roll and have asked to be moved to Active Member Roll:

- Alan and Kathy Vicory

Members who have been reinstated: - Joe and Doris Burnell


Dr. Hosmer discussed the letter to Session from Elaine and Leo Bottari along with the email that she sent to many members of the church. After a fruitful meeting with Dr. Hosmer, Elaine sent out another email to the same members of the church stating the misunderstandings in her email and chose to withdraw the letter to Session.


Administrator’s Report: Excused – Nothing to report

Treasurer’s Report: Administrative Elder, Tom Ledoux, stood in for Dennis Heasty who was on vacation. Elder Ledoux reviewed the financial report submitted by Church Administrator Heasty.

Count Me In Campaign: The Campaign has received $22,000. Pledges reported by Count Me In Committee to date are $366,120 with 90 units pledging. The committee is optimistic since it is still early in the campaign. There were approximately 20-25 people who attended each of the two “coffee and conversation” meetings. A question and answer fact sheet was discussed that could be distributed to the congregation through the Thursday’s email and newsletter.

Little Blessings: A forum will be held in the future to discuss the security risks and safety issues and other topics regarding Little Blessings.

North Lake Coordinator: Judy Etheridge has volunteered for this position and the personal committee will be working on a job description.

Nominating Committee: The committee is seeking referrals to fill out the vacant deacon position of Pat Harrell.

Dr. Hosmer announced that he will be leading a trip on the “Footsteps of Paul”, May 10-23, 2020. More information will be forthcoming.

Dr. Hosmer closed the Session with prayer.

Respectfully submitted,
Elder Rose Gorman