Special Congregational Meeting Minutes - August 7, 2018


An ice cream social was held, preceding the meeting, hosted by our Youth Refuge 511 teens, their parents and leader Brad Harter. Special thanks to Ed Latimer who played a great selection of music on his keyboard, during the ice cream social and while the votes were counted and verified.

Call to Order and Prayer: This Special Congregational meeting was held in the Fellowship Hall. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. and Senior Pastor Jeff Hosmer opened with prayer. He then defined how this meeting represented both the North Lake Presbyterian Church (NLPC) congregation and its identity as a corporation.

Order of the Day

o The Moderator verified the presence of a quorum.

o Motion: A motion was made, seconded, and passed unanimously to elect Elder Jim Crutchfield as Clerk pro tem of the meeting.

o Chairman Wayne Butler of the Nominating Committee presented, and the congregation elected:

  • Tom Ledoux to serve as Administrative Elder, class of 2019

  • Randy Kresley to serve as Deacon, class of 2019

  • Both candidates are filling mid-term vacancies and will be eligible as

    candidates for another term beginning in 2019.

o Motion: A motion was made by the Session and passed unanimously toelect the Rev. Dr. Ralph “Denny” Dennison as Pastor Emeritus of thecongregation, with affection and appreciation for his years of service as pastor of North Lake Presbyterian Church. The bestowing of this honor will now be sent to the Central Florida Presbytery for their endorsement (expected in September).

o Motion: A motion was made by the Session and passed unanimously to establish a requirement of three-fourths (75%) approval of those voting on the following motion concerning the proposed purchase of the Teague Trail property.

o Prayer of Discernment: Pastor Jeff Hosmer led the congregation in a prayer of discernment prior to the vote on the following motion.

o Motion: A motion was made and *passed to purchase the Teague Trail (CR 25) property, at a price not to exceed $950,000, with the understanding that by the Fall of 2021, North Lake Presbyterian Church will decide either to develop the site, or sell it.

*The written ballots resulted in 189 for, 63 against, with 6 abstentions –meeting the 75% approval required. The following are thanked for tabulating the votes; Charles Evans, Irene Rosche, Pat Wright, and Ruth Swart.

o Definitions Prior to the Vote: Elder Dottie Wise defined the scope, intent, and three-year discernment process that will determine whether to develop or sell the property. She further explained the 8.46 acres is composed of four parcels that will not be combined until a decision is made whether to develop or sell, as we might decide to sell one or more of the parcels (but not all) in the future.

  • Pastor Jeff Hosmer emphasized this purchase was recommended by the Body Builders Team and the Session, but that its pursuit was in the hands of the congregation, for their discernment and decision.

  • Pastor Jeff also spoke of our corporate discernment as an on-going exercise as we as a church work together on near-term, as well as strategic objectives (e.g. parking, a larger choir room, more office space, a chapel, and the future of Little Blessings).

o Questions From the Floor Prior to the Vote:

  • The impact of the purchase on our existing debt?

    • A refundable $85k down payment has already been made, and the service on our increased debt is estimated to be about $400 a month.

    • A proposed $3M capital campaign is expected to provide $1M to pay down our existing $2.8M debt, $1M to pay for the Teaque Trail property, and $1M for improvements to our existing campus.

  • The long-term possibilities to enhance our ministry?

    • Parking overflow, future site for Little Blessings, Easter sunrise option, etc.).

    • The real estate value projections, should we decide to sell in two years?

    • Impossible to guarantee, but area development suggests the value will increase.

  • A concern was voiced about the ability of future generations to pay for the proposed investments.

  • Statements of faith in the Body Builders Team and our Session were expressed.

Closing Prayer: Pastor Mike Smith closed the meeting in prayer.

Respectfully Submitted, Jim Crutchfield, Clerk Pro Tem