July 17, 2018, 3:00 p.m. - Session Meeting Minutes


NLPC Monthly Stated Session Meeting Minutes

Month of July, 2018

Meeting @ 3:00 p.m. – Peace Room – July 17, 2018

Roll Call

Class of 2019                      Class of 2020          Class of 2021          Staff                  

X  Becky Bros                          X  Bill Johnston            X  Richard Vehling      X  Dr. Jeff Hosmer

X  vacancy                               X  Dick Young              X  Judy Wardle                        X  Mike Smith

X  Dottie Wise                         X  Rose Gorman          X  Wayne Butler          X  Dennis Heasty

Ex  Dave Tyler, Clerk                                                                                      X  Lynn Miller

                                                                                                                        Ex  Mike Snow


The Stated Meeting of the Session for the month of July, 2018, was called to order by Moderator, Dr. Jeff Hosmer, at 3:00 p.m. on the 17th of July, 2018, in the Peace Room of the North Lake Presbyterian Church.  A quorum was declared present.


Reverend Mike Smith led the devotional, based on Acts 4:13-22

·         “What does it take for each of us to be bold?”

o   Responses from those present included: confidence, courage, perseverance, humility, trust, and faith that God will give us the right words to speak.

·         “Do we carry the dust of Our Rabbi?”

o   The disciples followed Jesus everywhere, accumulating not only the dust of the road, but the accumulation of His teachings. Ergo, the closer we get to Jesus, the more likely we are to be sent out. (Apostle = one who is sent).


Elder Jim Crutchfield was approved as Clerk pro tem of the meeting.



Elder Dick Young requested an action item to consider an earlier start to the regular monthly Session meetings.


The Agenda for Session Meeting to be held on the 17th day of July, 2018, was presented, reviewed and discussed. The agenda was approved with the additional action item regarding the change in starting time for future Session meetings. 


1.      The Moderator then called attention to the Minutes of the June 19, 2018 Session meeting and the Minutes were approved as distributed.

2.      Elder Dick Young was elected to serve as Secretary of the NLPC corporation, replacing Elder Becky Bros who had been both Secretary and Vice President of the corporation. Elder Bros will continue as Vice President.

3.      The resignation of Clerk of Session Dave Tyler was accepted with regret.

4.      Session voted and approved a motion to change the start time of future monthly meetings to 2:00 p.m. (versus the current 3:00 p.m.).

5.      Session voted and approved acceptance of the Personnel Committee’s recommendations regarding new NLPC employee benefit plans (chart attached). A motion to delay a decision on this matter until the August meeting was defeated by a vote.

a.      The new benefit plan differentiates between current staff and new staff who are hired after July 17, 2018.

b.      The new benefit plan for current employees will take effect January 1, 2019.

c.       Employees will choose their preferred options this October, after receiving individual briefings on those options from Administrator Dennis Heasty.

6.      Session voted and approved the removal of the hiring freeze of full-time, benefits eligible staff, which was in effect for the past year. This will allow Little Blessings to hire more full-time teachers. This action was made possible by the Personnel Committee’s most recent recommendations (see item 5. Above).

7.     Session voted and approved a motion to present a motion at the August 7, 2018 congregational meeting to purchase the Teague Trail property, with the plan to decide by the Fall of 2021, whether to develop and build upon the property or to resell it. The three years would allow time for long-term planning and the research of detailed site development and construction costs.   


1.      Members who joined the Church Triumphant:

a.      Louise Witt Barnes (6/15/18)

b.      Frank Hutchinson (6/23/18)

2.      Members who requested transfer to another church and have been removed from the roles:

a.      Bob and Vivian Peacock (Deerfield Presbyterian Church, Bridgeton, NJ)

b.      Jim and Soon-Hwa Kim (Sue) Coleman (Pleasant Hill Presbyterian Church, Duluth, GA)

The preceding changes to the membership roll were approved by the Session.  


Correspondence – None 


Administrator Dennis Heasty presented a financial report.

·         A question was raised regarding the distribution of funds from concerts held at NLPC

·         The answers:

o   NLPC provides a community service by providing a venue for outside groups to hold performances at our facility. We do not charge them for this use, but the groups routinely give a monetary offering as thanks.

o   Concerts sponsored by NLPC organizations:

§  Set aside an amount from ticket sales, in excess of concert expenses, to cover staff and facility overhead.

§  Other funds, in excess of concert expenses, are donated to an NLPC sponsored mission.

 Elder Wayne Butler provided a report from the Nominating Committee.

·         New Elders were informed the terms for Elders and Deacons begin and end in March, even those who replace someone in mid-term.

·         Elder Tom LeDoux will be nominated to fill the remainder of the term of J.T. Smith.

·         Mr. Randy Kresley will be nominated to fill the remainder of the term of Deacon Mike England.

·         There was discussion, followed by a suggestion that the Nominating Committee seek to provide equal representation of their membership from all three services (currently all but one attend the 11:15 service) 

The last Introduction to North Lake (101 Class):

·         10 individuals pre-registered for the class

·         19 individuals attended

·         16 became members at the end of the class

·         2 more are considering membership. 

Elder Becky Bros reported that a U.S.-wide meeting of the Cuban Network will be held at Lake Wales, sometime during October 2018. 

Pastor Lynn Miller reported results of the July 10, 2018 meeting of the Deacons. 

After Session sang “Happy Birthday” to Elder Bill Johnston, the meeting was adjourned and closed in prayer led by the moderator. 

Respectfully Submitted, 

Jim Crutchfield, Clerk pro tem