Month of August, 2018


Meeting @ 2:00 p.m. – Peace Room – August 21, 2018


Class of 2019

X Becky Bros
X Vacancy
X Dottie Wise
Ex Dave Tyler, Clerk

Class of 2020

X Bill Johnston
X Dick Young
X Rose Gorman

Class of 2021
X Richard Vehling
Ex Judy Wardle
X Wayne Butler

X Dr. Jeff Hosmer
X Mike Smith
X Dennis Heasty
X Lynn Miller
X Mike Snow


The Stated Meeting of the Session for the month of August, 2018, was called to order by Moderator, Dr. Jeff Hosmer, at 2:00 p.m. on the 21st of August, 2018, in the Peace Room of the North Lake Presbyterian Church.  A quorum was declared present. 


Pastor Mike Smith opened the meeting with prayer. 


Dr. Hosmer informed the Session of Elder J.T. Smith’s assent to God’s Kingdom. A Celebration of Life will be held at 11:00 a.m., Monday, 27 August at NLPC.  


Dr. Hosmer led the devotional, based on 1Thessalonians 5:16-24 (NRSV)

The focus was on the use of verbs in verses 16-22 and those in verses 23-24. “Rejoice, pray, giving, test, hold, abstain (Do’s), quench, despise, (Don’ts)”; versus “sanctify, kept, calls, will”.

The first verses direct our actions, while the latter verses assure us of God’s response. 


Dennis Heasty requested: 

  • The action items include hiring of a consultant to evaluate the operation of Little Blessings.

  • The proposed action on hiring a consultant to evaluate our parking situation be tabled. 


The Agenda for Session Meeting to be held on the 21 day of August, 2018, was presented, reviewed and discussed. The agenda was approved with the proposed changes regarding actions pertaining to the hiring of consultants (see Call for New Business). 


1. The Moderator called for a motion to approve the examination of officers-elect Randy Kresley and Tom Ledoux, with their ordinations/installations to be held Sunday, August 26, 2018 . Both candidates provided a testimonial; motions were made, seconded and approved to accept both. Tom Ledoux will be ordained/installed as Elder for Finance at the 9:45 service, and Randy Kresley will be ordained/installed as a Deacon at the 11:15 service.

2. Minutes were approved, as written, for the July 15, 2018 special Session Meeting with new members.

3. Minutes were approved, as written, for the July 17, 2018 regular Session Meeting.

4. Membership role changes were reviewed and accepted.

5. A motion was made, seconded and approved to elect Elder (inactive) Jim Crutchfield as Clerk of Session.

6. A motion was made, seconded and approved to purchase a used van for the Christian Food Pantry, using funds from their reserve ($128k). The purchase, insurance, etc. are estimated to be approximately $16K.

7. A motion was made, seconded and approved to hire a consultant to evaluate the operation of Little Blessings Pre-School at a cost of $11,500.00 (includes transportation and lodging). Consultant is based in Chicago, has excellent references, and will conduct the on-site portion of his examination over three work days. 


Members who joined the Church Triumphant:

a. Bob Hough (7/11/18)

b. William Thede (7/18/19)

c. Carol Coulbourne (7/31/18)

The preceding changes to the membership roll were approved by the Session.  


Discussions were held regarding Session’s next steps with regard to the Teague Trail property, improvements to our existing grounds, paying down our existing mortgage, and development of a Capital Campaign.


  • The 75% approval for the project.

  • The bank’s ruling that the mortgage on the new property be separate from our existing mortgage.

  • Contingencies requiring:

o   Property appraise for more than the price (appraised at $850k, price $846k)

o   Congregational approval (accomplished).

o   Accomplishment of zoning permissions (could take until October 2018, at which time we may be prepared to close on the sale).

o   Presbytery must approve (they are aware and have given preliminary approval to proceed).

  • Payments on the mortgage at 100% of the purchase price will be $6,600.00 per month, with an interest rate of 4.75% for 15 yrs., with a 5 year bump.

  • Finance is investigating use of $300k from our reserve fund ($600k) as a down payment, in order to reduce the monthly payment to $4,400.00 per month. Tithes and offerings, other than those from the Capital Campaign, that exceed the budget would be used to replenish the reserve fund.

  • Urgency to launch the Capital Campaign, possibly as early as February 2019:

o   Form our own team, rather than hire another consultant, to manage the campaign.

o   Stress the priority uses of Capital Campaign funds to be:

1.      Pay off the Teague Trail mortgage

2.      Improve our present facility (extended choir room, office/conference room, chapel)

3.      Pay down our original mortgage

o   John Bros has already begun to explore ways to meet proposed improvements to our present facility with: Dr. Hosmer overseeing chapel design, Dennis Heasty in charge of office/conference room expansion, and Mike Snow ensuring needs of the choir are met.

  • Cautions were voiced regarding:

o   Being prepared to explain investments in the new property vs. improvements to our current campus.

o   Historic resistance with regard to previously perceived unfilled promises.

o   Need for transparency

o   Need to assure our message(s) are approved corporately to prevent rumors and misconceptions.

  • Elder Rose Gorman asked if the Body Building Team (BBT) was still meeting and Dr. Hosmer replied that they have completed their work and written their report. 


Correspondence – None 


Administrator Dennis Heasty presented a financial report that states we are enjoying a surplus of $43,000.00 so far this year (see attached report). Quotes received for construction of our on-site storage shed are much higher than expected, and Dennis is asking if we need to ask for more. 

Elder for Ministry and Missions, Becky Bros reported over $9,000.00 in funds distributed for the period of August and September 2018 (see attached report), and that there were no 2nd mile offerings taken during the summer. 

Elder for Care and Fellowship, Dick Young reported:

  • 2 buses needed for the St. John’s River boat excursion.

  • Anticipate 2 buses will also be needed for the Living Christmas Tree w/dinner excursion planned for December 15th. 

Pastor Lynn Miller reported:

  • Stephen Ministers put in 60 hours a week on congregational care.

  • Extended Table Ministry served communion to 39 people. (see attached report) 

Elder for Ministry and Mission, Wayne Butler reminded Session that all future re-commissions for Elder, Deacon, or Nominating Committee must first be approved by the Session.  

Elder for Discipleship, Dottie Wise reported that two candidates are slated for interviews for the position of Director of Children’s Ministries. 

Dr. Hosmer announced the Presbytery’s examination of ordination candidate Holly Reimer will occur at the September Presbytery meeting in Deland, Florida on September 11, 2018. Her Ordination will be conducted at NLPC on Sunday, September 30, 2018 at 3:00 p.m. Chris Kao is organizing refreshments, to follow the reception line. 

Director of Youth, Brad Harter is finishing the book he’s authoring, and remains an active enquirer for seminary. 

Pastor Denny Dennison will be honored briefly as Pastor Emeritus of NLPC during Sunday services (date to be determined). 

Session also discussed possible solutions to the shortage of parking availability, possibly pushing back the time of the first and middle services by 15 minutes each, or shortening the first service to 45 minutes (and moving the middle service to 9:30), since the most problems exist between the middle and last service. 


Pastor Mike closed the meeting in prayer. 

Respectfully Submitted,
Jim Crutchfield, Clerk