September 19, 2017, 3:00 P.M.

Meeting @ 3:00 p.m. – Peace Room – September 19, 2017


Class of 2018

  • Ex Charlotte Hornback
  • Bob Peacock
  • Jim Crutchfield
  • Dave Tyler (Clerk of Session)

Class of 2019

  • Becky Bros
  • John T Smith
  • Ex Dottie Wise

Class of 2020

  • Bill Johnston
  • Dick Young
  • Rose Gorman


  • Dr. Jeff Hosmer
  • Mike Smith
  • Dennis Heasty
  • Lynn Miller
  • Mike Snow


The Stated Meeting of the Session for the month of September, 2017, was called to order by Moderator, Dr. Jeff Hosmer, at 3:00 pm. on the 19th day of September, 2017, in the Peace Room of North Lake Presbyterian Church. A quorum was declared present.


The Moderator called upon Pastor Mike Smith to lead the Session in an Opening Devotion due to the absence of Elder Dottie Wise due to the surgery being performed on her husband, now in recovery and doing well so far. Pastor Smith called our collective attention to Proverbs, Chapter 2, which assures us of God’s promise to help us if we will call for his assistance, he will provide us with knowledge, wisdom and understanding. He reported witnessing Congressman Daniel Webster address a graduation ceremony at a Rehab Center, and call upon the graduates to: value time; value God’s word; and value listening. He suggested to the graduates that this would assist them in learning to love to serve others as a means to remaining sober. Pastor Smith then led the Session in prayer asking that God be present during our meeting to assist us in our deliberations and that we learn to call upon for assistance in our hour of need.


The Moderator next called upon the members of the Session for prayer concerns. Elder Peacock noted his wife’s need for prayer during upcoming cancer treatments. The need for prayer for Elder Wise’s husband, Leigh, following surgery and now in recovery. Elder Bros noted that the recent visit of Hurricane Irma to Cuba had left it and our sister church in Caibarien in a severely damaged condition, needing prayers for recovery. It was also reported that Elder, Bob Cook, had recently experienced an irregular heartbeat, and may require the assistance of pacemaker. These concerns will be addressed in our concluding prayer.


The Moderator then explained the presence of two of our new Deacons, Joan Kirby and Carol Sabourin, at this Meeting of the Session. He explained that while they had been examined and installed, they had not been able to attend our August Meeting when we had been able to meet with the other new Deacons. Therefore, they had been invited to share their statement of faith and vision of their ministry with the Session at this time. Both Joan and Carol addressed the Session at that time. At the conclusion of their remarks, Lynn Miller, Director of Congregational Services, reported that all of the new Deacons were most enthusiastically and aggressively pursuing their new responsibilities since their ordination and installation. The Session was then led in prayer, following which the two new Deacons were warmly welcomed to their new positions of leadership in the leadership and care of our Congregation.


Before consideration of the Agenda, the Moderator noted that he did not believe that the Session could complete their discussion and care-filled consideration of all of the items on the Agenda within the time constraints of this Meeting. This would necessitate another meeting and soon, due to the importance of these matters. He suggested that we meet the following Tuesday, September 26, at 2:00 p.m. for that purpose, if that became necessary. Following discussion, Motion was made, seconded, and passed unanimously, to hold such a Meeting, if necessary.

The Session next turned its attention to the Agenda for this Meeting, which they had previously received. The Moderator called for any additions. None were offered. The Moderator then declared the Agenda adopted.



The Moderator next called attention to the Minutes of the August Meeting of the Session, that had been attached to the Docket forwarded to the Members. The Moderator called for any additions of corrections to the Minutes. None were offered. The Moderator the declared the Minutes to be approved as printed.


The Moderator next called attention to the Changes in the Membership Roll, which had been previously submitted to the members of the Session for review, as follows:

1. These members joined the Church Triumphant:

  • Jim Moeller (8/14/17)
  • Margaret Gates (8/17/17)
  • Sue Dodd (9/3/17)
  • Stuart Reynolds
  • Ray Meute (913/17)
  • Ursula Blowey (8/24/17) (Submitted for informational purposes only)

2. These members are no longer attending our Church and should be placed on the Inactive Roll and removed from the Active Membership Roll

  • June Stark
  • Rebekah Ponds

3. These members have requested to be transferred to another Church and have been removed from the Active Membership Roll:

  • Lois Wise (Graceway Presbyterian Church)
  • Barbara Stickler (Grace Community Church of Willow Street, Pa.)

4. These members have moved out of our area and should be removed from the Active Membership Roll - - None

5. These members have been reinstated -

  • Allen and Betty Smith (Transfer from First Presbyterian Church, Tyler, TX.)

6. These attendees have been added as a new member by the Session - None

7. These members were on our Affiliate Member Roll and have joined the Church Triumphant - None

8. These members were on our Affiliate Member Roll and have asked to be moved to the Active Member Roll - None

9. These members were on our Affiliate Member Roll and have moved out of our area and should be removed from our Affiliate Member Roll - None

Following review, upon motion duly made, seconded, and passed unanimously, the proposed changes in the Membership Rolls, were approved. Lynn Miller reported that all those departing membership had been contacted and were leaving for personal reasons unrelated to our Church (e.g. health, etc)

Correspondence - None


Presbytery Upcoming Meetings - 2017 - Tuesday, OCTOBER 19, @9:30 a.m., First Presbyterian , Vero Beach, Fl


The Moderator then called upon Elder, Rose Gorman, for a report from the Worship Committee of the Session. Elder Gorman reported that the new Sanctuary candle lighters, communion trays and covers, and offering plates had been ordered and received in September. Samples of the new equipment were circulated for inspection. Further, she reported that the total purchase had been accomplished for less that the budgeted amount of $6,000.00. She also reported that an anonymous donation had been received of $1,700.00, which lowered the final amount to be paid by the Church to only $4,204.68. Well done!

She also reported that the youth that had been serving as Acolytes and Bible Readers at the Third Service in September seemed to be enjoying their participation in the Service. Further, they had been recognized for their service last Sunday by Pastor Mike, which they had appreciated, as well.


The Moderator next called upon Elder, Becky Bros, for a report from the Mission Committee. Elder Bros reported that our sister Church in Caibarien, Cuba, and its members, had suffered significant damage during the visit that Hurricane Irma had made to them before heading for us in Florida. At present, the local Church there is seeking permission from the Cuban Government for work teams from the U.S. to come to help them in Cuba. Thus far, no decision has yet been made on that request. However, in the meantime, we have forwarded $1,000.00 to help with the immediate needs . More later!

Becky also reported on the wonderful response we received from our church volunteers and staff before, during, and after the Hurricane. When we lost power, we also lost food. Teams came to help clean out the freezers of the food, and then fully clean the freezers before new food went back in. Also, the extra meals that were prepared before the storm to help those in immediate need, were over and above our meeting our normal homebound program need. We are truly blessed!!!


The Moderator next called upon Elder, Jim Crutchfield, to give us the Discipleship Committee report. Elder Crutchfield reported that he had an opportunity to meet and greet two couples new to our church as they came through the door. They explained that their Church was closed due to the storm. Later, on departure Jim saw them and the indicated that they may be back.

Elder Jim also reported that Brad is really busy in our Youth Program. He is anticipating 45-50 Youth will join in an upcoming program. We are truly blessed!

Elder, Rose Gorman, noted that the Youth have formed a Youth Choir and will be performing a “Prelude” soon at one of our services. She also noted that we may need help with our communion program due to the fact that one of our leaders may be out for awhile.


The Moderator next called upon Elder, Dick Young, to give us the report from the Care and Fellowship Committee. Elder Young reported that the planned trip to the Holy Land Program in Orlando, was now booked full, in spite of some cancellations. With it being fully booked, there will be no expense to the Church. We may now consider another trip if this one is favorably received.

Elder Dick also indicated that we were in need of finding a new coordinator for the FAB Program on Tuesdays, once per month. The person would be in charge of set-up and clean-up, mostly being available to be a resource to those who showed up to work and did not know what to do.


Elder, Bob Peacock, was recognized for purposes of securing the needed 8 Table Hosts for the 101 Program for October 15, 2017. Several volunteered.


The question was asked for Clarification of who was entitled to service from our Deacons. Specifically, was Deacon Service limited only to members? After a short discussion, the clarification requested was that the Deacon Service open to all members and all who had signed an interest in membership by signing a Communication Card.


Question arose regarding Christmas Services. Christmas falls on Sunday this year. On non- Sundays, we would normally have a 5:00 p.m. Contemporary Service, and two Regular Services at 7:00 and 9:00 p.m. This year adding this schedule to a Sunday schedule of three Services would mean we would have 6 Services on Christmas. Considerable discussion ensued. It was also duly noted that the same situation would be occurring on New Years Day this year. In discussion, a consensus was reached, and Christmas Eve Sunday Services will be conducted in the following format: 9:45 a.m.– Contemporary Service; 11:15 a.m. – Traditional Service; 5:00 p.m. – Contemporary Service; and 7:00 p.m. – Traditional Service. New Years Eve Day will return to the regular schedule as follows: 8:15 a.m. – Traditional Service; 9:45 a.m. - Contemporary Service; 11:15 a.m. - Traditional Service.


There being no other Elder Reports, the Moderator called upon Administrator Heasty for a review of the monthly Financial Report, a copy of which had been attached to the Agenda. Because of the need to spend time on the presentation regarding the benefits and cost implications of that decision, both now and in the future, Dennis proposed that he present only a cursory analysis of the past month and year to date information, unless there were some questions that needed to be answered. The proposal was accepted. Dennis noted that our numbers to date for this last month and year to date are still pretty good. Donations are up over last year and over budget. Expenses are down below actual income and below Budget. The floor was opened for questions and there were none, so we proceeded to the discussion of the report of the finance Committee on the study of our insurance, benefits, and staff concerns.


Noting the lateness of the hour, the Moderator suggested that we allow the Church Administrator to make an initial presentation, outlining some of the serious questions involved and the history regarding some of those issues. Then we could ask some questions for understanding. However, he recommended that we postpone the careful decision making process until after we had had a chance to digest the information and history and some of the ramifications that our decisions might have. That recommendation and the earlier proposal for the next meeting to be held on the following Tuesday were accepted. Dennis then outlined the history that brought us to where we are today. He noted the influence of the Board of Pensions and some of their requirements. He reported on some of the efforts to find less expensive coverage in the past. He reviewed some of the cost sharing decisions made with the staff and their impact. He also analyzed the need for increased staffing at Little Blessings, the cost increases for medical coverage in light of the Affordable Care Act, the importance of the market surveys that had been done by staff to find additional sources of revenue, etc. and we ran out of further time.


The Moderator, in light of the lateness of the hour, asked the Session to stand and join hands as he led us in prayer. Dr. Jeff opened his prayer by thanking God for our new Deacons, and for all those who labored in this place, he continued by thanking God for his presence and his guidance here today, he noted the specific needs for prayer brought to the Session at the commencement of our meeting this day, and he asked God for his continuing presence and wisdom as we face the challenges that lie ahead of us in our search to minister to His Congregation at this time, here, in this place.


There being no further business to come before the Session at this Meeting, upon motion duly made, seconded, and passed unanimously, the Meeting was adjourned at approximately 5:25 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
W. David Tyler, Clerk of Session