September 26, 2017, 2:00 P.M.

Meeting @ 2:00 p.m. – Peace Room


Class of 2018

  • Ex Charlotte Hornback
  • Bob Peacock
  • Jim Crutchfield
  • Dave Tyler (Clerk of Session)

Class of 2019

  • Becky Bros
  • John T Smith
  • Dottie Wise

Class of 2020

  • Bill Johnston
  • Dick Young
  • Rose Gorman


  • Dr. Jeff Hosmer
  • Mike Smith
  • Dennis Heasty
  • Lynn Miller
  • Mike Snow


  • The Special Meeting of the Session was called to order by Moderator, Dr. Jeff Hosmer at 2:00 PM on the 26th day of September, 2017, in the Peace Room of the North Lake Presbyterian Church. A quorum was declared present.
  • He next called the attention of the Session to the Background Information submitted by the Church Administrator, Dennis Heasty, at the last regular meeting of the Session, regarding the North Lake Presbyterian Church Health and Retirement Plan Recommendation for 2018. He also called attention of the Session to the Moderator’s Report to the Session Re: Staff Benefits, which he had forwarded to the Session, since the last regular meeting. He expressed his desire that the meeting today would not last longer than 90 minutes. He noted, however, that we needed to take the time necessary to make an informed, careful, collaborative, and faithful decision. Specifically, we needed to try to discern what the Lord would have us to do to improve His ministry to His children in this place.


The Moderator noted that the sole matter before the Session at this Meeting was the making of a decision about the Staff Benefits Package for 2018.


The Moderator then noted that we first need to determine --- Where we are today? What are our broader goals for our Church? What is God calling us to do and be in the next 3, 10 years etc.? How does the Little Blessings Program compare with other similar programs in the Villages area with respect cost, program, staffing etc.? Are the parents of the children attending Little Blessings active in other programs within our Church? How do we feel about Little Blessings, its program, and whether it should remain a key part of our NLPC mission? If so, how do we sustain it? How do we sharpen the Business Plan (or future vision) for it? Do we have a need for additional full time staff? What do we do to fill the needs for staff for this program right now? Do we have space for this program and what it may expand in to? How are going to reorganize our campus to make space for our needs and that of Little Blessings? Should we consider a separate business structure for Little Blessings, etc.? The Session did not seem to feel prepared to make a final decision on these and other issues at this time. The Moderator noted that we needed to make some decisions, today, due to time pressures and deadlines that others have imposed, which, if missed, could foreclose our Church from having the opportunity to make desired decisions in the near future.

The Moderator then suggested that we consider declaring a moratorium for at least one (1) year, thereby, maintaining the staff included within the current benefit program at the current level, (to include the two part-time openings at Little Blessings), that exist at this time. Elder Peacock suggested that we organize a study into the questions raised during our discussions, by one or more committees, which committees could be made up of Staff, Session members, and key knowledgeable members of the Congregation. Specifically, that we charge them to examine plans for Employee/Insurance/Benefits in the future; and to develop a Business Plan (Future Vision) for our Church, including, but not limited to, structural changes that could beneficially impact the cost of future Operations.

It was then moved and seconded, that the Session authorize the acceptance of the proposed Benefit Plan from the Board of Pensions for the calendar year, 2018. Following discussion, the motion passed unanimously.

It was then moved and seconded, that the Session establish a moratorium on new hires to positions currently included within the Staff Benefit Program for the calendar year, 2018, excluding necessary replacements due to vacancies. Following brief discussion, the motion passed unanimously.

It was then moved that the Session authorize the creation of special task forces to address the following:

1) A comprehensive, strategic plan for North Lake to:

  • Clarify our purpose and vision for the future

  • Identify our core ministries, mission commitments, and objectives for the coming years

  • Assess our campus, facilities, parking, and other assets that support our ministries

  • Develop plans to improve our capacity and impact for Christ.


2) A vision and business plan for Little Blessings Daycare Center, including business structure, methodology of operation, special needs and location, etc.

3) An evaluation of our current NLPC staffing model and a plan for optimal staffing to accomplish the vision of the church (including positions needed, full-time and part-time considerations, salaries, benefits, etc.).

The Session stipulated that these studies be commenced on or before November 1, 2017, and concluded on or before June 1, 2018. Following brief discussion, the motion passed unanimously.


With the business for this meeting now concluded, and with much more work ahead now to be completed, the Moderator expressed sincere appreciation to all for their participation in the decisions reached today. At 3:30 p.m. a motion was then made to stand, join hands, and conclude with a prayer during which the Moderator thanked God for His presence and participation in our Meeting today by and through all those present, and asked God to continue to be with us and assist us through the process on which we are now embarked as we seek to do His will at this time and in this place for the benefit of all of His children.

Respectfully Submitted,
W. David Tyler, Clerk of Session