JANUARY 16, 2018, 3:00 p.m.


Class of 2018

  • Charlotte Hornback
  • Bob Peacock
  • Jim Crutchfield
  • Dave Tyler (Clerk of Session)

Class of 2019

  • Becky Bros
  • Ex John T. Smith
  • Ex Dottie Wise

Class of 2020 Staff

  • Bill Johnston
  • Dick Young
  • Rose Gorman


  • Dr. Jeff Hosmer
  • Mike Smith
  • Dennis Heasty
  • Lynn Miller
  • Mike Snow


The Stated Meeting of the Session for the month of January, 2017, was called to order by Moderator, Dr. Jeff Hosmer, at 3:00 pm. on the 16th day of January, 2017, in the Peace Room of the North Lake Presbyterian Church. A quorum was declared present. As a preliminary matter, the Moderator distributed a revised Agenda to the Session for use during the Meeting. The Clerk then distributed the Minutes of the Special Meeting of the Session held on January 9, 2018, for Session consideration. The Moderator noted that these Minutes could not be approved until the February Meeting in order for the Session to have the opportunity to review them.


Moderator, Dr. Jeff Hosmer, led the Session in an opening Devotion. He noted that he had previously, last month, concentrated the Session’s attention on Romans 12:1-2 (NSRV). He admitted that Romans was one of his favorite Books of the Bible. However, because of the importance of the issues to come before the Session at this meeting, he felt it to be appropriate to consider this passage further. He reminded the Session of its duty to attempt to discern what is the will of God. He reminded the Session that the essence of God’s Will is that it is Good, Acceptable, and Perfect. (GAP) He then defined these terms for us- Good is virtuous, beneficial, and useful; Acceptable is well-pleasing, full- filling what God desires; and Perfect is complete, finished, having reached the end or goal or purpose, as these terms are used in this passage. (GAP) It is helpful to be able to remind us of this duty by the use of this catch phrase. He noted that seeing and closing the GAP is our challenge as brothers and sisters in Christ by offering ourselves as a living sacrifice to God; by not being limited or conformed to the world; and by being transformed by the renewal of our hearts and minds. At his request, the Session stood, clasped hands, and prayed that we dedicate our time and effort at this Meeting to “seeing and closing” the GAP.


The Moderator called upon the Church Administrator, Dennis Heasty, to give the Session
the final Financial Report for 2017. Dennis reported that we received approximately $80,000.00
more than we budgeted for in 2017. Also, we did well keeping expenses within budget for 2017. Furthermore, he reported that our attendance was down over the Christmas Holiday, probably due to the four services we held on Sunday, the day of Christmas. The financial Report was approved by consensus.


The Moderator next called the attention of the Session to the Minutes of the Regular Meeting
of the Session for the Month of December, held on the 19th day of December, 2017 in the Peace Room of the North Lake Presbyterian Church. Copies of the Minutes had been previously forwarded to each member of the Session. The Moderator asked for any corrections. A typographical error was noted. Upon motion duly made, seconded and passed unanimously, the Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Session for the month of December, were approved, as corrected.




The Moderator next called attention to the changes in the Membership Roll, copies of which had been previously provided to the members of the Session for review, as follows:.

1. These members joined the Church Triumphant

  • Jerrye Miles - (12/19/17)

  • Larry Claunch - (12/24/17)

2. These members are no longer attending our Church and should be placed on the Inactive Membership Roll and removed from the Active Membership Roll:

  • Charlene Chapman - (She requested this action)

3. These members have requested to be transferred to another Church and have been removed from the Active Membership Roll:

  • None

4. These members have moved out of our area and should be removed from the Active Membership Roll:

  • Ruth List - (moved to Ohio)

5. These members have been reinstated:

  • None

6. These attendees have been added as a new member by the Session:

  • None

7. These members were on our Affiliate Member Roll and have joined the Church Triumphant:

  • None

8. These members were on our Affiliate Member Roll and have asked to be moved to the Active Member Roll:

  • None

9. These members were on our Affiliate Member Roll and have moved out of our area and should be removed from our Affiliate Member Roll:

  • None

Following review, upon motion duly made, seconded, and passed unanimously, the proposed changes in the Membership Rolls, were approved.


The Moderator reported that the staff recommended the following schedule of Special Easter Services: Ash Wednesday, February 14, 2018 at 6:00 p.m.; Maundy Thursday, March 29, 2018 at 7:00 p.m.; and Good Friday, March 30, 2018 at noon.


The Moderator advised the Session that in accord with required procedure, we needed to elect a person to serve as Clerk of Session for the year, 2018. He advised that the current clerk had agreed to continue if they desired. The Session chose to retain the current Clerk for another year.


The Moderator noted that the Planning Report of the Little Blessings Study Team had been presented to the Session at the Special Session Meeting held on January 9, 2018. Copies had been previously distributed to the Session Members prior to that Meeting. The Moderator noted the quality of Report, the investment of long hours it represented, and that the Report made informed recommendations for action by the Session, both in the future and in the upcoming year’s Budget. A motion to approve the recommended changes for the 2018 Budget year for Little Blessings was duly made, seconded and passed unanimously. A motion to express our deep appreciation to the Study team for their outstanding effort was duly made, seconded, and passed unanimously. Further, it was duly noted that the part-time hiring freeze imposed last year needed to be lifted and The Little Blessings Christian Pre-School be authorized to hire up to four certified part-time teachers, at a reasonable, competitive compensation level as soon as possible. A motion to that effect was duly made, seconded, and passed unanimously.

A question was raised about the official name of the Little Blessings Program. Dennis noted that year-end legal filings had all been made in the name of Little Blessings Day Care. Several elders voiced a strong preference for Little Blessings to be known instead as “Little Blessings Christian Pre-School.” Dennis Heasty suggested that the name change might be handled by a simple, “doing business as” (d/b/a) motion of Session. The question of the name change was referred back to the Little Blessings study team.


The Moderator announced that we would now move into the discussion of the budget for 2018. He called upon Church Administrator, Dennis Heasty, to help explain the recent changes and the proposal he had developed to reach the goal of a balanced budget for next year. Dennis explained that the actual figures for the end of the 2018 year had increased the amount available for transfer to the reserves or use for earmarks for programs in year 2018. Because of the additional “Blessings in Abundance” that we had received from 2017, we could now feel more comfortable in earmarking a portion of the surplus to secure the needs of the budget for the next year. The significant reduction in the expenses for Little Blessings and Operation Homebound that was realized in the final months, made it possible to project a reduction in the projected expenses in those two programs for the next year. The combination of those two factors plus a deferral of some of the expenses/investments till later in the year, will give us all a better picture as we proceed through next year. Dennis recommended that the Session earmark $30,000.00 of the “Blessings in Abundance” be held to assist in the transition that Little Blessings will be going through in the next year, especially during the time when they start hiring the members of the staff. In other words, we will need to hire the new teachers and pay them before we will be able to realize the increase in the income from the new students. If we are projecting additional income in sufficient amounts to carry all the expenses over the whole year, then we can, later in the year, consider beginning to address the capital investment needs on a prioritized basis. (See detailed analysis of the Balancing of the Budget, below, “A”, as outlined by Dennis) . In addition, Dennis presented a list of the capital needs and their estimated cost. He suggested that each of the Elders, teaching and ruling, be in prayer about these capital needs, and then prioritize the listed based upon that discussion with God. (See Exhibit “B”, below, for the List and the Costs associated with the items list for your consideration.)

In summary, thanks to God, this congregation, and Dennis, we were able to find a way to balance the Budget for 2018, without affecting the depth and quality of our programs for our members.

Example A: Balancing the Budget

Total Amount of Imbalance: $110,894

Projected Additional Giving: $ 21,000 - 3% increase over 2017
Earmarked from 2017: $ 30,000 - Blessings in Abundance

Remove Security Request: $ 20,000 - New Protocols outside Budget

Remove site-plan Request: $ 20,000 - Include in prioritized list
Remove per capita: $ 17,000 - Defer to end of year
Administration: $ 2,894 - Reduced vacation replacements

-0-  Budget now in balance


Exhibit “B”- Capital Needs

  1. Sanctuary Computer Replacement: $2,500

  2. Choir Music Storage: $1,000

  3. Sanctuary Headset Mic Replacements (4): $1,400

  4. T-Coil Assistive Listening System in Sanctuary/Fellowship Hall: $7,000

  5. Parking Ministry Golf Cart: $15,000

  6. Server Replacement: $15,000

  7. Site Planning: $20,000

  8. Build Storage Shed: $15,000

Total $76,900***
*** To be considered only if the budgetary needs are being adequately provided for.


The Moderator next called the Session’s attention to the requirement that we annually consider, approve, and forward to the Central Florida Presbytery the written terms of our economic relationship with our ordained staff. For the purpose of this discussion, the Moderator and Vice Moderator should not be present. The Moderator requested that the Clerk chair the Meeting in their absence, as they excused themselves. The Moderator pro tem called on the Church Administrator, Dennis Heasty, to review and explain the contents of the Terms of Call, copies of which had been forwarded to each member of the Session before this Meeting. Dennis noted that the new terms of Call had been included in the 2018 Budget. It was duly moved and seconded, that the Terms of Call for 2018 for Dr. Jeffrey Hosmer and Pastor Michael Smith (including compensation, housing allowances, and vacation) be approved as prepared for this Meeting. The discussion was brief, positive, and centered on how fortunate we were to have them both. Following the discussion, the motion passed unanimously. Dennis was authorized to see that the documents for both pastors were forwarded to the Presbytery. The pastors were called to return to the Meeting and the Clerk relinquished the Chair back to the Moderator.


The Moderator, following considerable discussion, inquired if the Session was ready to vote on the matters before them. The response received was positive. He then first called upon the Session for a Motion regarding the use of earmarks from the “Blessings in Abundance”, (the surplus of 2017), to subsidize and support the 2018 Budget, as outlined above. A motion to approve the use of earmarks for that purpose was duly made, seconded, and passed unanimously. The next matter to come before the Session was the approval of the 2018 Budget as presented. A motion to approve the Budget for 2018 as presented was duly made, seconded, and passed unanimously.


The Moderator called on Elder, Dick Young, for a report from the Care and Fellowship committee. Elder Dick noted that we were seeing the usage of our Building by outside groups increase dramatically in the next several months. We like to have someone from our Church there to formally welcome them. It is another way to attract new members. We need some one to welcome the following groups on the following dates at the following times:

  • Lady Lake Historical Society – 200 people - Thursday –2/8/18 - @ 1:00 p.m
  • Blues Brothers Concert (fund raiser for OHB) – Monday and Tuesday –2/12 and 2/13/18 - @ 7:00 p.m.
  • Hootenanny – Tuesday – 2/20/18 - @ 6:00 p.m.

Several Elders volunteered for the welcoming experiences.


The Moderator then called upon Elder, Becky Bros, for a report from the Mission Committee. Money was raised for the various Mission Projects over the past year, including the Second Mile Offering. Once again, the report documented the generosity of the congregation for their support over this past year. Becky also notified the Session that the Mission Committee was in the process of determining what projects would be included in the Second Mile Program during the upcoming year and when. She requested that all suggestions for inclusion be forwarded by the Session members to her as soon as possible.

The Moderator then reported to the Session, that within twenty-four hours of the time that the gift to build the Medical Clinic in Tete, Mozambique, was made, he received thank you emails from Elder Berry Long (Outreach Foundation Liaison in the Central Florida Presbytery), from Rev. Rob Weingartner (Executive Director of the Presbyterian Outreach Foundation), and from Pastor Nedson Zulu, who coordinates the mission in Tete, Mosambique. Becky reported that she also received a similar communication from all three locations expressing their gratitude. We raised over $51,000, which was over our goal. The excess will be used to construct a residence where the administrator and the nurses will live while they are working in the Clinic.


Elder Rose Gorman inquired if anyone had heard any comments regarding the new nuggets that were being used for communion. Several Elders had experienced and heard that people were having difficulty picking up the nuggets. She appreciated the input.


Elder Jim Crutchfield and the Moderator commented on the fact that Brad Harter had enlisted several young people to come to the Church after Hurricane Irma passed through. They worked fairly diligently and hard for 4-5 hours cleaning up the property with great results for both the young people and the church.

Elder Becky Bros next commented on the great job that the Operation Homebound staff did providing a meal for a special United Way event for educators. They used a Dr. Seuss theme which was well received.


Lastly, the Moderator commented that Brad had contacted him to advise that he was considering a deeper commitment to God as a Pastor or a Principal at a Christian school. He would like our support in seeking “Inquirer” status from the Presbytery. To do so, he would like to meet with us to seek our endorsement and referral to the Presbytery for approval of that status. Brad will appear before the Session on February 20 for that purpose.


The Moderator then asked the Session to stand, hold hands, and pray with him to God to thank God for His guidance here today, and to request His continuing presence and wisdom as we face the challenges that lie ahead of us in our search to minister to His congregation at this time, here, in this place.


There being no further business to come before the Session at this Meeting, upon motion duly made, seconded, and passed unanimously, the Meeting was adjourned at approximately 5:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
W. David Tyler, Clerk of Session