April 17, 2018

Present: Associate Pastor and Moderator, Mike Smith, Pastor Lynn Miller, Director of Congregational Care; Elders Becky Bros, Bill Johnston, Richard Vehling, Dick Young, Judy Wardle, Dottie Wise, Rose Gorman, Wayne Butler, Church Administrator, Dennis Heasty, Staff Member Mike Snow, Clerk of Session, Dave Tyler. Senior Pastor Jeff Hosmer was excused.

Call to Order: Stated Session meeting was convened in the Peace Room at 3:00 pm. A quorum was present.

Devotion: Pastor Mike Smith led and offered prayer. Order of the Day:


Actions Items:


  • Motion was made to approve the minutes from March 20, 2018. The motion was made, accepted and carried.
  • Motion was made to approve the membership roll changes below.

  • Some time was spent discussing two candidates for Visitation Pastor. A motion was made to approve the hiring of Visitation Pastor, Jerry Lion only but not Karen Cartier. The motion was made, accepted, and carried.


These members joined the Church Triumphant

  • Munson Kneeland (3/13/18)

  • Larry Hager (3/22/18)

  • Doloris Rodriguez (3/25/18)

  • Geri Fournier

These members are no longer attending our church and should be placed on the Inactive Roll and removed from the Active Membership Roll:

  • Eleanor White (moved to Altoona)
  • Elaine Russell (moved to West Virginia)

Elder Reports: no reports

Staff Reports:

A financial report was given by Church Administrator Dennis Heasty.

Associate Pastor’s Report: Mike Smith - No report

Motion was made, accepted and carried to adjourn the meeting. The meeting was closed in prayer.

Respectfully Submitted by,
Dave Tyler, Clerk of Session