January 19, 2016, 3:00 P.M.

Present: Elders Lynn Miller, Jim Crutchfield, Bob Peacock, John T. Smith, Charlotte Hornback, Becky Bros, Judy Etheridge, Rose Gorman; Clerk of Session, Orv Liesman; Moderator, Jeff Hosmer; Associate Pastor, Mike Smith; Church Administrator, Tom Ledoux.

Call to Order: Stated session meeting was convened in the Peace Room at 3:00 pm.  A quorum was present.  Moderator Jeff Hosmer opened with prayer. Pastor Jeff Hosmer led devotions. He challenged the elders from Matthew 17:19-20.

Order of the Day:

Action Items – Presented by Tom Ledoux:

1. Motion made to accept a funeral policy. The motion was moved, accepted, seconded and passed.

2. Motion was made to accept the 2015 year end financials. The motion was moved, accepted, seconded and passed.

3. Motion was made to give year end gifts to staff. The motion was moved, accepted, seconded and passed.

4. Motion was made to accept the 2016 budget and staff compensation. The motion was moved, accepted, seconded and passed.

5. Motion was made to accept the housing allowance and compensation for the senior and associate pastor. The motion was moved, accepted, seconded and passed.

6. Motion was made to approve Dennis Heasty as Church Administrator effective April 1, 2016 at an annual salary of $50,000. The motion was moved, accepted, seconded and passed.

7. Motion was made to accept changes in the church administrator job description.  The motion was moved, accepted, seconded and passed.

8. Motion was made to accept changes in the organizational chart. The motion was moved, accepted, seconded and passed.

9. Motion was made to hire someone for the financial assistant/data processing position. The motion was moved, accepted, seconded and passed.

10. Motion was made to accept Bill Johnston to the finance committee. The motion was moved, accepted, seconded and passed.

11. Motion was made to have Sandra Willetts, Mike Snow and Pastor Jeff Hosmer make an announcement to the congregation that the Easter concert will be canceled. The motion was moved, accepted, seconded and passed.

12. Motion was made to approve Alma O’Banion’s church membership. The motion was moved, accepted, seconded and passed.

13. Motion was made to approve baptisms for Byrklee Freitag on February 14th and also Anthony Wilson on February 21st. The motion was moved, accepted, seconded and passed.

14. Motion was made to accept the minutes of the December stated session meeting. They were approved as submitted and accepted by common consent. 

15. Motion made and seconded to approve the following changes to membership rolls:

These members joined the Church Triumphant:

  • Bob Whitaker (12/21/15)
  • Sam Mason (12/23/15)
  • Ken Phelps (12/24/15)
  • Jerry Van Norman (12/25/15)

These members were on our Affiliate Member roll and have joined the Church Triumphant:

  • Ellen Klug

No Associate Pastor’s Report

Pastor’s Report by Jeff Hosmer:

  • Denny Dennison is now living at Buffalo Crossings. He is doing much better.

Ministry Areas

Fellowship:  Elder Judy Etheridge

  • PW Retreat will be held in the Fellowship Hall on February 25th. The cost is $15.00.
  • The PW Tea is scheduled in April. 
  • The 101 class will be Sunday, January 24th.  The expected attendance is 55 people.
  • Welcome Center and Sunday Café schedules will be out soon. There was a good response to the plea from the bulletin.  
  • Pictorial Church Directory will be handled by the church website.  This will make the knowledge of possible volunteers easier because of flexibility in changing information. 
  • The exercise classes on Thursdays are going well. Interval training is at 8:30 a.m. and yoga is at 2:00 p.m.
  • Mixed Golf Scramble, Glenn and Laurie Dennison are coordinators.  Glenn is heading up the Men’s Golf group.

Pastors have been calling visitors and have had positive feedback. 

Congregational Care: Elder Lynn Miller

  • Healing Ministry submits a weekly report.  They stress prayer requests have priority over an agenda. Weekly prayers offered are healing prayer, cursing cancer, uplifting and angelic protection as their closing prayer.
  • Stephen Ministry will have a guest speaker, Amy C. from the Tri-County Caregiver Resource Center, at their January 26th regular meeting.
  • We are researching following through in the area of the Congregational Care Ministry. We will report our findings when we feel properly prepared. 

Adult Discipleship: Elder Bob Peacock

  • Updated status of classes.

Mission Outreach: Elder Becky Bros

  • Wycliffe is coming to North Lake on January 26th.  The response has been slow despite a great publicity effort. 
  • STOP HUNGER will be on January 30th.  There has been a good response to packing.  They have received $5,500 from other churches.  We are waiting on a report from Dennis regarding North Lake.
  • February will be Undie Sunday collection.
  • March we will begin Back Pack collection.
  • SOZO playground has been ordered. Gene Blomquist finished Maggie’s house and other jobs.  
  • Cuba update – March FAB, Mercedes will be here.  The Kennedy’s will host her.  She will plan to be in church on February 28th and also at FAB.  Mercedes will be part of the program. 
  • We will start working on our next trip and will be taking Spanish classes.
  • The first partnership agreement will be presented to the next session for approval. 
  • Pastor Marlin from the First Church will be visiting next month.

Administration: Elder John T. Smith (No report)

  • Nominating Committee/Ministry: Elder Charlotte Hornback 
  • We met January 5th.  We discussed filling the position vacated by John Bros. 
  • Carol Potter, Janet Kobar, Barbara Stickler and Sue Kirkpatrick were nominated. 
  • The committee decided to invite Sue Kirkpatrick and the invitation was accepted to join the Nominating Committee.
  • The committee will announce the nomination at the Congregational Meeting in February.

Worship:  Elder Rose Gorman (no report)

Youth and Children: Elder Jim Crutchfield


LOGOS has greatly improved by the new schedule.

The children eat with table parents.

Bible studies are split and tailored for K-2 and 3-5th grade.

Dancercize is a new activity.

Puppets are limited to 5th graders only.

Basketball, soccer, arts and crafts are other choices.

Registration is still at 60+.

Leadership stressing fruits of the spirit behavior with some success.

Raising hands for quiet being replaced by rhythm clap/echo.

Hats off to Susan Burton for her leadership.

Other items:

  • Pastor Mike and Jim Crutchfield are working with Pastor Jeff and the Personnel Committee on Keenan’s results from his 6 month evaluation.
  • Mike Smith, Susan Burton and Jim Crutchfield are working on the nursery personnel issue.
  • They are working to recruit new adults with some success.
  • The Dutch door issue needs to be fast tracked.

Corporate items:

  • NLPC has been inundated with secular concerts.
  • We need 30+ host families for Indiana University’s concert March 11th.
  • Lack of access to platform on Sundays is costing attendance at functions. Do we continue?
  • Proposed draft of NLPC emergency plan – we need simple instructions for everyone in emergency situations.

Motion was made, seconded and passed to adjourn. The meeting was closed in prayer.

Respectfully Submitted,
Orv Liesman, Clerk of Session