February 17, 2015, 3:00 P.M.

Present: Elders Lynn Miller, John T. Smith, Rose Gorman, Donna Gibbons, Judy Etheridge, Orv Liesman, Clerk of Session; Associate Pastor, Mike Smith; Church Administrator, Tom Ledoux. 

Call to Order: Stated session meeting was convened in the Peace Room. A quorum was present. Pastor Mike Smith, acting as Moderator, opened with prayer and led the recitation of the Elder Covenant.  Elder Donna Gibbons led the devotion.

Order of the Day:

Church Administrator’s Report by Tom Ledoux:

  • Carol Bowers was hired for hand bell and children’s choir positions.
  • Reviewing annual report.
  • March stated session meeting will convene at 2:00 p.m. to review Strategic Planning Committee report.
  • Preaching schedule for March and April approved.
  • Approved online giving.
  • Developed system for tracking care requests and visitations.
  • Developing funeral policy and process.
  • Making progress on member ministry profile coding.
  • Working on strategies for legacy giving.
  • Pay increase letters to staff from elders

Associate Pastor’s Report by Mike Smith: 

  • Numbers for classes increasing.

Minutes, Correspondence, and Announcements:

  • Motion: A motion to approve the minutes of the January 20, 2015 Stated Session Meeting was made, seconded and passed unanimously. 
  • Motion: A motion to approve membership changes as of January 20, 2015, was made, seconded and passed unanimously.
  • Motion: Received resignation of Jack Kiley as Mission Outreach Elder due to health reasons. A Motion was made to accept with regrets, seconded and approved unanimously. The Nominating Committee will recommend someone to replace Jack Kiley as Mission Elder. (Correspondence is in the Session Reading File.)

Notes to Clerk of Session for January 20, 2015 was accepted by common consent.

* These members joined the Church Triumphant:

Carol Spencer (12/31/14)
Lou Nahrup (2/24/14)
Marcia Chase-Pullo (1/2/15)
Wilbert Koontz (1/15/15)
Paul Davidson (2/9/15)
Eleanor Mars (2/9/15)

  • These people are no longer attending our church and should be placed on the Inactive Roll and removed from the Active Membership Roll:

Peg Wyks

  • These people have permanently moved out of our area and should be removed from the Active Membership Roll:

Carol Bell
Margaret Henk and Richard Bennett (moved to Indiana)

Financial Report by Bob Cook and Dennis Heasty: 

  • We are struggling when we normally are not struggling.  The report was accepted as presented. 

Ministry Areas

Pastoral Care: Elder Lynn Miller (no report)

Congregational Life: Elder Judy Etheridge (no report)

Worship: Elder Rose Gorman

  • Articles seeking volunteers have been successful.
  • Changes in flower dedication procedure have been well received.
  • Flower needs for Easter have been met.

Ministry: Elder Donna Gibons - (no report)

  • The Session thanked Donna for her years of service, as this was her final meeting.

Administration: Elder John T. Smith – (no report)

Closing: Motion: A Motion to close the meeting was made, seconded, and passed unanimously. Pastor Smith closed with prayer.

Respectfully Submitted,
Orv Liesman, Clerk Of Sessio