May 20, 2014, 3:00 P.M.

Present: Senior Pastor and Moderator Denny Dennison; Elders, Jack Kiley, Bill Monie, Judy Etheridge, Jim Crutchfield, Lynn Miller, Donna Gibbons, John T. Smith, Rose Gorman; Associate Pastor, Mike Smith; Clerk of Session, Orv Liesman; Church Administrator, Tom Ledoux.

Order: Stated session meeting was convened in the Peace Room. A quorum was present. The meeting was called to order. Pastor Dennison opened with Prayer.

Devotion: The Elder Covenant was recited by the group.       

Order of the Day:

  • Pastor Dennison led discussion of Chapter 3 of the “Presbyterian Elder – What Must An Elder Be?”         

Church Administrator’s Report by Tom Ledoux:

  • Progress update on Contemporary Worship Leader search
  • Reverend Smith added to the search team
  • Status of interviews
  • Carol McMann retiring June 30, 2014, recognition lunch is on June 24, 2014.
  • Holly’s resignation is July 30, 2014. Jim Crutchfield will lead search team.  Reverend Smith will guide process through Presbytery. 
  • We will establish a Seminary Scholarship Fund.  This will be funded by donations from anyone. 
  • Elder retreat agenda for May 31, 2014.
  • Presbytery meeting at North Lake Presbyterian Church is June 3, 2014.
  • Thanks to all who helped with Reverend Smith’s orientation.
  • Associate Pastor’s Report by Reverend Mike Smith:
  • Moved to approve Holly Reimer to be endorsed as an “Inquirer” to the COM (Committee on Ministry) and for North Lake Presbyterian Church to pay 2/3 of career counseling cost ($850.00). Motion seconded and passed unanimously.  
  • Working with Dave Sanders in Contemporary Worship leadership.
  • Will be active in Bethel Series.

Minutes, Correspondence, and Announcements:

  • Motion: A motion to approve the minutes of the April 15, 2014 Stated Session Meeting was made, seconded and passed unanimously. 
  • Motion: A motion to approve membership changes as of April 15, 2014, was made, seconded and passed unanimously.

Notes to Clerk of Session for April 15, 2014 accepted by common consent.

  • These members joined the Church Triumphant:

achel Alster (4/17/14)

elvia Boonstra (2/19/14)

etty Hough (5/2/14)

  • These members Transferred to other churches:

ony and Terry Nottage (New Covenant United Methodist Church)

d and Rae Nowe (Sun Lakes United Methodist Church, Arizona)

eith and Jill Kauffman (Vanderbilt Presbyterian Church)

  • These members joined another church and request that their names be removed from our church roll:

avid and Anne Jones

  • These members are no longer attending our church and should be placed on the Inactive Roll and removed from the Active Membership Roll:

Jim and Kathy Greer

iana Sparklin

arol Chevalier

Treasurer’s Report and Financial Report by Bob Cook:

  • Budgets are experiencing some belt tightening but we are in good shape. 
  • Reports were approved.

Pastor’s Report: Senior Pastor Denny Dennison

  • Health is continuing to improve.
  • SOCS Report information.

Ministry Areas

Administration: Elder John T. Smith – no report

Youth and Children Discipleship: Elder Jim Crutchfield

  • Working to replace Holly Reimer as Youth Director.

Pastoral Care: Elder Lynn Miller- no report

All ministries have been asked to keep congregation current on ministry activities via church bulletin, newsletter and mass e-mail.

Adult Discipleship: Elder Bill Monie

  • Working with Reverend Smith on programs and design. 

Mission Outreach: Elder Jack Kiley

  • Ocala Forest Project
  • Met with Dan Baumann’s son regarding DVD distribution of Jesus Project

Fellowship: Elder Judy Etheridge

  • Reported on officer installation salad luncheon
  • Decorating plans for fellowship hall

Worship: Elder Rose Gorman

  • Has full staff of ushers

Ministry: Elder Donna Gibbons – no report

Old Business:

New Business:

Closing: Motion- A Motion to close the meeting was made, seconded, and passed unanimously. Pastor Denny closed with prayer. 

Respectfully Submitted,
Orv Liesman, Clerk Of Sessio