April 15, 2014, 3:00 P.M.

Present: Senior Pastor and Moderator Denny Dennison; Elders, Jack Kiley, Bill Monie, Judy Etheridge, Jim Crutchfield, Orv Liesman, Clerk of Session and Church Administrator, Tom Ledoux.

Order: Stated session meeting was convened in the Peace Room. A quorum was present. The meeting was called to order. Pastor Dennison opened with Prayer.

Devotion: The Elder Covenant was recited by the group.
Orv Liesman gave the devotion.

Order of the Day:

  • Discussion of “The Presbyterian Elder” chapter 2, “Who Qualifies as Elder?”

Church Administrator’s Report by Tom Ledoux:

  • Transition to Dave Sanders as Contemporary Worship Leader
  • Contemporary Service Worship Leader search progressing well. 2 candidates are scheduled for interview. Dave Sanders is now an applicant for Worship Leader.   June is objective date to fill the position.
  • Developing agenda for Elder retreat
  • Tom scheduling Mike Smith orientation with elders.
  • Developing system for tracking first-time guests
  • Distributed policy manuals. 

Minutes, Correspondence, and Announcements:

  • Motion: A motion to approve the minutes of the March 18, 2014 Stated Session Meeting was made, seconded and passed unanimously. 
  • Motion: A motion to approve membership changes as of April 15, 2014, was made, seconded and passed unanimously.

Notes to Clerk of Session for April 15, 2014 accepted by common consent.

  • These people are no longer attending our church and should be placed on the Inactive Roll and removed from the Active Membership Roll:

David and Jackie St. Clair-Husbands

Allen and Pam Elliff

Thomas and Shirley Penberthy

  • These people have moved closer to family and should be removed from the Active Membership Roll:

Foster and Pat McAllester

Treasurer’s Report and Financial Report by Bob Cook:

  • Operation Homebound budget is tight. They are looking for part time volunteers. 
  • Reports were approved.

Pastor’s Report: Senior Pastor Denny Dennison

  • Health improving

Ministry Areas

Administration: Elder John T. Smith – no report

Youth and Children Discipleship: Elder Jim Crutchfield

  • Reviewed space and staffing needs for youth programs
  • Elder Bill Monie suggested re-thinking youth position requirements. Tom Ledoux approved.

Pastoral Care: Elder Lynn Miller- no report

Adult Discipleship: Elder Bill Monie

  • Sunday School doing well
  • Winding down Bethel Series
  • Alpha program finished well
  • Logistics are a problem 

Mission Outreach: Elder Jack Kiley

  • Food Pantry down slightly this month

Fellowship: Elder Judy Etheridge

  • PW Spring Tea was held with almost 400 in attendance.  It was a great success.
  • Making adjustments in Shepherding Program.
  • Decorating Committee holding up on continuing work in the Fellowship Hall.

Old Business:

New Business:

  • Possible change of retreat date

Closing: Motion- A Motion to close the meeting was made, seconded, and passed unanimously. Pastor Denny closed with prayer. 

Respectfully Submitted,
Orv Liesman, Clerk Of Session