Congregational Meeting Minutes, February 23, 2014.

Call to Order: Congregational meeting held in the main sanctuary. A quorum was present. The meeting was called to order and Senior Pastor Denny Dennison opened with prayer.

Order of the Day:

  • Becky Bros (Chaiperson) introduced the Associate Pastor Nominating Committee:
  • Frank Dudinski – Co-chairman
  • Rose Gorman – Secretary
  • John Smith – Financial Advisor and Elder
  • Dave Ruddell – Support 

Information presented to the congregation and questions taken from the floor concerning new Associate Pastor Michael Smith. 

Motion: A Motion was made, seconded and passed unanimously, to extend a call to Pastor Michael Smith to serve as Associate Pastor of North Lake Presbyterian Church.

Motion: A Motion was made, seconded and passed to adjourn the Congregational Meeting.

Pastor Denny Dennison closed in prayer.

Respectfully Submitted,
Betty Lint, Clerk of Sessio