Our history though rooted deeply in Presbyterian tradition, dates back only 24 years when we came together in 1989 in Lady Lake to meet for the first time as a new church. After rapidly outgrowing several meeting places, it was obvious that we needed a larger worship center.

In 1992, with the aid of the Central Florida Presbytery, we purchased land on Rolling Acres Road and built our first facility which included meeting rooms and a Fellowship Hall which also served as our worship center. Before the first service was held, it again became obvious that we needed much larger facilities. This led to further planning and the construction of the Sanctuary Building. This worship center was opened in 1998 and accommodates 1200 people.

On July 28, 2013, we dedicated our newest addition which includes an expanded kitchen, additional meeting rooms and a new Fellowship Hall that can seat 500 for dinner. The Fellowship Hall is also where our contemporary worship service meets on Sunday mornings.

While our family increased in numbers, we also grew in service to each other and the community meeting the spiritual and living needs of neighbors and friends.  Jesus has commanded us to, “Feed my sheep,” and we developed a theme that responds to that directive – “Loving God…Loving One Another.”  Living this motto enables us to realize our purpose and mission in God’s creation: “North Lake Presbyterian Church lives to worship and glorify God with joy and enthusiasm, and to encourage others to draw closer to Him.”

This purpose guides everything we do.  With energy and vision the family of North Lake has taken on the mission of meeting many needs, both within our family, outside in our community, and in the world.  A food service to those unable to prepare their own meals was started (Operation Homebound). It has grown and now serves nearly 200 persons per day.  The huge need for quality preschool child care for working parents led to the development of our Little Blessings Christian Child Care Program.  These are only two of the over 100 ministries within our church. Many of these ministries can be found on our website.

The family of North Lake Presbyterian Church has become a true beacon in a community in need of the message of God’s love.