ALZHEIMER’S SUPPORT MINISTRY – We have two Alzheimer’s care groups.  One provides information support to people who have been diagnosed with early Alzheimer’s, the other offers support and assistance for caregivers and their families. Chairperson Louise Shuey, 352-753-8262.                                                                                        

BEREAVEMENT AND GRIEF SUPPORT – Provides opportunities for people to meet who have recently lost a loved one. Support classes are often offered. Contact Pastor Lynn Miller or Pastor Jerry Lion, 352-753-8484.                                                                                            

BUDDY MINISTRY – A Buddy is a Christian friend to the lonely and shut-in.  Prayer, games and conversation are among some of the activities suggested by the team.  Each Buddy schedules visits and a report is given to chairperson. Often other care ministries are offered through the Buddy Ministry as Extended Table, Prayer Team, Stephen Ministry, and Transportation to medical appointments.  Chairperson Marilyn Waites, 352-245-6638.                                                                                                                                          

CRISIS CARE MINISTRY – Help and suggestions offered to those finding themselves with no place else to turn. Chairpersons Dr. Robert Hazlett, 352-751-7089  and Dr. Carolyn Gorden, 610-737-6672

EXTENDED TABLE MINISTRY – Communion served to those who are not able to attend church.  Communion served the first Sunday of each Month by our team of volunteer Elders and Deacons. In search of chairperson.

FAB – (Fellowship And Bible study) Volunteers assist with preparation for Tuesday night dinners.  Chairperson Elder Dick Young, 352-633-3467                                                    

FIRST TIME GUESTS – Welcome our first time guests with a phone call. Chairpersons Ann and Bob Collins 352-391-9316.                                              

GRIEF SHARE MINISTRY – Offered a couple times a year as needed. Contact Pastor Lynn Miller or church office to sign up for upcoming sessions, 352-753-8484.   

HANDY MAN MINISTRY – Help offered for those small repairs around the house. Chairperson Steve Cummings, 215-262-0696 or

HOPE FOR HURTING PARENTS AND GRANDPARENTS – A ministry for parents (and grandparents) of children who struggle with addiction, incarceration, mental health challenges, and other life-altering events.  Chairpersons Tony and Betti Cuomo 201-841-8559 or 201-874-9595

LOSS OF A SPOUSE – A two hour session on help dealing with a loss of your spouse. Part of the Grief Share Series. Contact Pastor Lynn Miller, 352-753-8484.                                                                                                                            

MEMORIAL SERVICE GREETERS – Greets and hands out bulletins at memorial services and funerals.  Chairpersons Louise and Carl Shuey, 352-753-8262

MEMORIAL SERVICE MINISTRY – Prepares refreshments for gatherings after funerals and memorial services. Chairperson Char Zientara, 352-750-9864                   

MEN’S FELLOWSHIP AND BREAKFAST – Meets the second and fourth Mondays of the month. Contact Elmer Wagner, 352-753-0449                               

MERRY STAMPERS – Making birthday and thinking-of-you cards for PW circles and holiday cards for Operation Homebound. Chairperson Carolyn Morris, 352-753-9110                                                                                                                                      

PARKINSONS SUPPORT GROUP – This group meets outside of church grounds to support each other and share fellowship. In search of chairperson.

PASTORAL HOSPITAL VISITATION – Our team makes regular visits to local hospitals. Contact Pastor Lynn Miller, 352-753-8484 

STEPHEN MINISTRY – Stephen Ministry is a one-on-one care giving ministry that offers Christian care to those in need.  Stephen Ministers have 50 hours of training before they may join the ministry team. This is a worldwide ministry offered to those who feel called to share Christ’s Love and Grace or those in need of care. All Stephen Ministry care is confidential. Contact Bob Hazeltt, 352-751-7089 

SURVIVING THE HOLIDAYS – Offered yearly before Thanksgiving. Part of the Grief Share Series. Contact Pastor Lynn Miller or church office, 352-753-8484.                                                                                                                                 

WELLNESS MINISTRY – Offers ‘Fall Prevention’ and other sessions helpful in maintaining safe and healthy lifestyle. Chairperson Ed Yuiska, 352-750-4563.