Congregational Meeting

On Tuesday evening, the congregation approved the purchase of 8.46 acres on Teague Trail, (CR25) at a price not to exceed $950,000, understanding that by the Fall of 2021 North Lake will decide either to develop that site or sell the property. 

The vote was remarkable and memorable. After setting a requirement of 75% approval in a separate procedural motion, the votes on the motion to purchase were collected by ballot. The tellers brought back the report: 189 in favor of purchase, 63 opposed. That is precisely 75%! The NLPC season of discernment continues. 

In other business, the congregation elected Randy Kresley to serve as a deacon and Tom Ledoux to serve as an elder. Both are filling unexpired terms created by resignations. At the end of their short terms (in the class of 2019) they will be eligible for re-election. 

The congregation also gave a standing ovation to the Rev. Dr. Ralph ―Denny‖ Dennison as they elected him Pastor Emeritus. This action will be reported to the Presbytery of Central Florida. Pastor Denny’s new status will be formally effective when ratified by the Presbytery, probably in mid-September.